Hello world!

Hello world is the starting point of everything. Lorem ipsum is usually the content in between and, the footer points the end of the path. With that said, I'll present myself:

Hello world

My name is J. Taniguchi and I am a web developer and software engineer.

To put it simply, I design and build web based products that ranges from simple web-sites to embed softwares.

My favorite thing to do is coding :D and, my ambition is to build a software which will make a difference (although I still have no idea what it is).

Lorem ipsum

I've been in 31 countries (so far) and lived in 3 different continents which allowed me to learn a lot about culture, design and marketing.

PHP and MXML has been my passion for the last 3 years. Through it I was able to design and develop awesome solutions for the print and car industry.

jQuery is also allowing me to have a great time and fun!


When you accumulate a certain amount of knowledge which allows you do build the things you want or need, you have reached the footer.

For me, the footer does not represents the end but, the start of the fun, when you can get things out of the white board into a product.

The feeling of been able to create something out of nothing is truly an amazing thing!

Previous clients and employers

Throught my career I had the opportunity to work in and with many companies. This diversification allowed me to gain many field experience, to learn and, to get acknowledged by colleges all over the world (literally).

None less, working with every and each one of these companies and/or individuals also allowed me to professionally grow and improve my skills.

Thanks to these awesome oportunities, I was able to experience things such as organizing complex projects, to manage developer team, recruit new developers and, mentor junior developers. I'm truly grateful to the experience acquired.

My latest babies

Below are live samples from some of my work, software I've coded on my free time for my enjoyment's sake :) I'm always trying to learn new ways to achieve the same task and new technologies to improve the stuff I already know.

Some people ask me "why to build a framework when there are so many available out there?" - the answer is simple: there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I believe that walking the path allowed me to achieve new frontiers and brought me opportunitites that otherwise wouldn't be presented to me.

Web2Print EcommDSS Online Design Studio
EcommDSS makes web2print simple and fun!
  Experience now
A powerful solution for car dealers and auto traders!
jT CarFramework: a powerful solution for car dealers and auto traders!
  Experience now

Future expectation(s)


I still have a couple of concepts I've been working on the past 3 years which I intent code. If you want to be part of my projects or just get in touch, add me on Skype (at the top of the page) or shoot me a message through the contact form :D

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